Ray Bradbury: A Boy Loving Life

I aspire to reach the level of happiness and satisfaction that author Ray Bradbury reached. Is it something that comes with age and experience? I’m not sure about the age part – I’ve see people in their 20s  living a blissful life. It’s definitely experience. Isn’t there something about going after experiences and not tangible things? And it makes sense, those are the most memorable. It also teaches you the most vigorous of life’s lessons.


Question: If you could time-travel to a moment in your life, what moment would you go back to?

Ray Bradbury: Every. Single. Moment. Every single moment of my life has been incredible, I’ve loved it, I’ve savor it, it’s been beautiful — because I’ve remained a boy. The man you see here tonight is not a man, he’s a 12-year-old boy, and this boy is still having fun. And I remain a boy forever.



Source: Brain Pickings – “Ray Bradbury on Libraries, Space Exploration and the Secret of Life: The Lost Comic-Con Interview”

Podcast with the full Q&A session


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