Books! Books! And Books!

New book to read. Whoo! I’ve been on a young adult fantasy binge. Yeah, that’s right, I said young adult. I will read as much teen fiction as I please.

Neither can I deny that book covers help me decide on whether or not to read a book. Although this changes at the library since I’m not paying for the book. However, I do find it annoying when there are little book reviews on the cover of the book.



You know, when it says some “winning author” or “New York Times Bestseller” said so and so about this book. It sort of puts a damper on finding books. You go through the book store or library scanning book covers and titles, trying to find your next read. And you find one! It’s got an interesting cover, good title and after reading the book, definitely an interesting idea going on in the book. And then you look at the cover again. Who said what?


It just throws you off your track. You’re relishing a good read and all of a sudden you’re wondering who this John Somebody author is. But it’s not only that. You can see what kind of marketing ploy it is. The publisher managed to get an author in the same genre to read the book and say a line or two endorsing the book.


I mean, in the end, if it’s a mediocre book it won’t spread cause no one will tell their friend about a mediocre book and that friend will go out and buy a book. Is this a sign of a bad book? A sign that a book’s plot is lacking so they had to plaster it with an endorsement? Maybe I need to rethink my methods of selecting a book.


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