Grateful Sundays

Aaaand ….here we go: etsy: a site where you can get completely unique, handmade items? Well, technology and craft have met well here. I’ve gotten inspirations for projects here, hankerings for wistful items, gift ideas and, at a few weeks before Christmas, gifts for dear ones. Thank you etsy for your virtual corner of artisans. … Continue reading

Friday Night Blues: Angry Haikus

Hearts, hearts everywhere Were my hearts forgettable? Sting given unknown. The purpose is lost Looking under inapt stones Am I unwilling? Distraction welcome. Help offered, name what you want. Unsure solution. I used to, I said. No need for used to, you said. Thick tongue, no reply Oh, the irony Using haiku to express Laughing … Continue reading

What I Learned Today: Word Edition

What I Learned Today: Word Edition

I do appreciate a good word, as well as unusual words – a reason why I love the blog other-wordly. I think some of us forget that words have connotations and then it’s actual denotation. Sure, sometimes we throw out an adjective that we initially thought would describe a situation, but once it’s said it … Continue reading

When Life Pisses You Off

So far in my life I’ve come to recognize life’s  many unfair events. And while I lean toward utilitarian views and actions, I do hold idealistic hopes. I hope that evil never wins at the end of the day. I believe human is the root of ” humanity” for a reason. But sometimes … shit … Continue reading

Note to rich, future self

… Hire a personal chef to make all lunches and a few dinners – maybe three dinners a week? I think I waste a lot of time trying to figure out what I can make for lunch that’s quick, healthy and simple. And then I end up with something like this: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes … Continue reading