Friday Night Blues

100種生活 – 盧廣仲 (100 Types of Life – Crowd Lu) I need to rediscover my Good Intent. By the way, I love Chinese songs like these. It takes the best of Chinese lyricism and less of the power ballads. Power ballads are nice once in a while, but they get too soul-wrenching after about three … Continue reading

Averge is Not Advisable

Averge is Not Advisable

Looking at clothes with international sizes makes me feel BIG, to put it mildly.         Medium in Amuurica. XL in Asia. 12 in the UK. 2XL in Japan. What?!   Sheesh, tiny Asians right? And I guess tiny Asian I am not.     And that brings me to the big problem … Continue reading

Happy Morning, Happy Hump Day

I’ve had a happy morning. And a somewhat educational one. What did I do this morning? Well, one, I’m probably on that runner’s high. Yup, dat runner’s high. And I watched a lot of videos. Here’s my trail:   The Bird Stairmaster Ep. 1; Season 2 I’m not sure what the bird owner’s name is … Continue reading

Kao Kalia Yang’s Response to Radiolab

I recently wrote about Radiolab’s podcast about the Hmong experience in Laos. I wrote about how I was upset over how Ms. Yang and Eng Yang, her uncle, were treated by the hosts of the podcast. I accepted that they were being journalists, maybe scientists, in their efforts to find the absolute truth. Maybe they … Continue reading

Grateful Sundays: October 21, 2012

Here we go: Ikea: Those geniuses. I know that people tend to have a love-hate relationship with Ikea – haven’t met anyone who’s in between about the stores. I, of course, love it. I went there this week to find the supplies for a DIY stand up desk and along the way found a frame … Continue reading