Grateful Sundays

Aaaand ….here we go:

  1. etsy: a site where you can get completely unique, handmade items? Well, technology and craft have met well here. I’ve gotten inspirations for projects here, hankerings for wistful items, gift ideas and, at a few weeks before Christmas, gifts for dear ones. Thank you etsy for your virtual corner of artisans.
  2. Newspapers: I recently subscribed to the Sunday newspaper through a great Groupon deal. And … wow, whodathunk I could look forward to sitting in the sun with a newspaper expounding horrors on cheating executives AND those kind community heroes? Not every day though. And tomorrow you’ll hear about my protests for variable tuition, so hold me back, WordPress! Hold me back!
  3. Pretty girls, mirrors, purikuri apps and cutesy Japanese girls: Nothing gets you thinking about your own image like some peace-sign-throwing, pale girls in the latest odd but oddly appealing Asian fashions that love to adorn themselves in bows and hearts (in life and on top of their photos). Oh, and your own image in the mirror. Cause, dammit, I will be cute in my own way! Slowly but surely with new outfits, workouts and beauty regimens.
  4. Talk shows: … Like Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. I laugh and smile so damn much with them. Oh please, oh please, won’t you be my best friends?
  5. My iPad: I’m writing this entry from my iPad. Apple fo’ lyfe! ‘Nuff said.

I may write an entry about the idea of femininity and Asian female stereotypes. Original, I know.

P.S. OK, I feel that I should explain that I love my iPad, but hate typing extensively on it. It’s annoying; unfamiliar to the fingers. I’m just calibrating my Mac battery so its’s unusable at the moment. Apple 4 lyfe.


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