When Life Pisses You Off

So far in my life I’ve come to recognize life’s  many unfair events. And while I lean toward utilitarian views and actions, I do hold idealistic hopes. I hope that evil never wins at the end of the day. I believe human is the root of ” humanity” for a reason. But sometimes … shit happens and you really want to know who is in charge here. Fate? God? A God?
What spurs this for me this lovely evening? The brutal death of Maria Santos Gorrostieta. Gorrostieta’s body was found beaten and bound near a farm.

Image from NY Post

Gorrostieta, former mayor of Tiquicheo, gained fame after news of multiple assassination attempts on her by drug gangs of Tiquicheo. She survived a gun attack in 2009, but lost her husband in the attack. She survived more bullets in 2010, and instead of succumbing she showed the world her courage. Instead, she showed reporters her scars and wounds – reminders of her delicate position and life. She told the drug gangs that she will live up to her civic duty and fight for the town’s best interests.

“I will rise up again as many times as God allows me to so that I can keep on seeking, fighting for, and working out plans, projects and actions for the benefit of the people, especially those most in need.”

Gorrostieta, also a medical doctor, finished her mayoral term in 2011. It was after all this that she was kidnapped on November 12 while taking her daughter to school. Her courage never failed as she convinced the kidnappers to spare her daughter. And what does she get? She ends up on the side of the road battered, burned, bound.

Image from Opposing Views

It is a damn shame that a woman fighting for her town and doing her duty has to die. There has never been a crystal clear motive for the assassination attempts. Sure, I can see how her efforts would irritate the local gangs. But to target her even after her term? It seems like pure spite.

Despite only knowing of her through these news articles, I regret to see such a brave, strong and dedicated woman leave this world. Her good intent could never be doubted.

So, who and where do I file my complaint? Life sucks.

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