Averge is Not Advisable

Looking at clothes with international sizes makes me feel BIG, to put it mildly.


international sizes




Medium in Amuurica. XL in Asia. 12 in the UK. 2XL in Japan. What?!


Sheesh, tiny Asians right? And I guess tiny Asian I am not.



And that brings me to the big problem presented by women’s clothing sizes and vanity sizing. I’m sure ladies are all too familiar with vanity sizing. We’re at the mall. We try clothes. We’re a size 4 in one store (Yay! for us!), and then we’re a size 8 in that expensive clothing store (Ugh, no, spare me). Clothing/fashion industry, please stop, it’s confusing.


I never understood why women’s pant sizes can’t follow in the steps of men’s clothing with waist and length measurements. Is it a sign that women are such suckers for shopping that the industry  developed a sizing system as a euphemism for our insecurities, inner vanity and beauty standards?


My life would be so much easier if I could walk into a store, grab pants that are x waist size and y length and know it will fit me. But I guess even that can be misleading. The blog The Art of of Manliness Trunk posted a great image from Esquire magazine showing that even a solid 36 inches does not mean 36 inches to every clothing company.


measurement chart from esquire




And, oh yes, Old Navy, I am on to you. I know you lie to me when that size 2 fits so well on me!



At the same time, I want to emphasize that the average size isn’t an indicator of what size is healthy for you. What is the average but a sum of all the sizes? If everyone was overweight and the average turned out overweight, does it make it acceptable to be overweight?



A Mail Online article stated that women have gained six inches in the past 60 years. It seems like we’re continually growing, and I hope it isn’t because people believe in the average sizes. Just be healthy!



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