Happy Morning, Happy Hump Day

I’ve had a happy morning. And a somewhat educational one. What did I do this morning? Well, one, I’m probably on that runner’s high. Yup, dat runner’s high. And I watched a lot of videos. Here’s my trail:


The Bird Stairmaster Ep. 1; Season 2

I’m not sure what the bird owner’s name is … I just call her Bowie’s owner. I love watching her videos. I love seeing all her birds interact with her and with each other.


Why do we blush? by AsapScience

I’m a blusher. I think my face tells entirely more than I want it to.


Ellen Breaks Down and Cries Over Dog

This one’s a sad one. Ellen Degeneres cries and pleads over a sort of legal issue involving a dog, Iggy, she adopted. And if you’re curious as to what happened to Iggy, please read this article.


Best Excuses For Not Working Out by sixpackshortcuts

You didn’t take your supplements? Really? That’s an excuse?


Balloon Animals: A Video Tutorial by Ira Glass by Rookie (Sort of NSFW)

I love the answers Ira Glass, host and producer of This American Life, has for the sex questions submitted by teens. They’re real and incredibly supportive and diplomatic. And somewhat amusing.



Happy Hump Day!


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