What … my nail polish?

Guys have the weirdest comments over nail polish colors.


I recently painted my nails Revlon’s Blue Slate:

Image from “I swatch it, so you don’t have to!”

My father describes the color as the color of a bruise, as if someone stepped on my nails. Hm …


Another time, I had done my nails like so:


Some random guy said they looked like diving flags. At that time I had no idea what diving flags were and had to ask: just flags that divers put up so boats don’t run over their supplies and whatnot.

And while I was in Bahamas, a taxi driver insisted on brushing off everyone’s feet with a stiff brush to get rid of the sand before getting in the car (it was really awkward but he wouldn’t let us get in the car without doing it or give us the brush). At the time I had bright blue nail polish and when he was done, he told me I need to choose a nicer nail polish, “like a nice red or pink.” It was one of the few moments where I wanted to let loose a feminist rant about how I will choose what color I want. I didn’t. I just told him that I would definitely pick a nice red next time.


I really don’t like red nail polish.


I dunno. Guys are just fascinated by the colors. By the ritual, I guess.


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