The other day we had an hour-long blackout in my subdivision. Don’t know what caused it and it doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. I took advantage of the situation to make hand puppets and play with shadows:

Peter the sheep

Peter the Forever Young Sheep

And … a monster Badtz Maru!

badtz maru shadow

Oops, all you see are his spikes.

Then, I looked outside.

It was pitch-dark ( suffice to say that a photo here is pointless). No street lights. No glowing windows. No outdoor lights. Only the waning moon and the solar-powered garden lamp (all the more reason to push for solar power, right?).

I know, duh, right? Hello, Christine, there’s no electricity!

I’m talking about how I forgot how driven by sunlight our society is. During the blackout my mother said when she was little in China, they frequently had no electricity. I automatically said, “So, you guys had to go to sleep really early, huh?”

“Uh huh.”

Because, honestly, what else are you going to do in the dark?

Sunshine provides food, the very light for us to see, the innate source of energy that keeps us working, the warmth to keep us moving.
The birds rise and sleep with the sun because they know the importance of light and the perils of darkness.

The night also made me think about what a scary place the world would be if we only had moonlight and a little flame to lead us – so much like they had to do before electricity. Our life overall would be so different. Would we be healthier if we followed the schedule of the sun? Or work harder if we counted the hours of light we had left? Maybe seek out people more often to avoid the darkness?

I think we also forgot how perfect the planet is for humans and all the other animal kingdoms to survive. The sun is just the right amount of light years away. The adept atmosphere layers to protect us from harmful rays and let through the beneficial ones. The oxygen.

Do yourself a favor. Sit in the dark once in awhile, and then sit in the sun.

Now, an educational moment about why the night is dark. What we think we see may not be there in actuality.

The video sort of confused me at first, but I think I was just distracted by the cool drawings and the sped up voice.

Video found on Brain Pickings.


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