Happiness is a crowded garden

I was beyond elated Friday morning.

It was a perfect 76 degrees, which meant nice and cool in the shade. There were multiple blue jays around my backyard. Seeing a flash of their blue feathers and crested heads always makes me happy. Like they’ve deigned me worthy to see them.

There’s the constant chips of a cardinal. The raucous mockingbirds waiting to play their next tricks. A basking lizard. Even that one squirrel that lives in the backyard, curious enough to see what all the bird calls were about.


As soon as I saw the jays I ran out to throw bird seeds about and put the bird feeder in a suitable location. Once that was done I ran out again with my iPad to add some of my own bird calls. All About Birds is a great resource for that. I’m happy to report that the Jays were pretty receptive to the recoded calls. I even caught the attention of a Yellow Warbler. Haven’t seen those on my yard before. In situations like these, I always forget that I have a camera and could capture these moments better. Oh well.



Once again, I’m just beyond happy over this nature-filled morning. Oh, and did I mention the handfuls of butterflies fluttering around? Even more perfect.


The view isn’t much, but the companions are great.

Watching birds makes me feel comfortable. I can’t help but feel like I see them as twin personalities, except maybe I’m a little less neurotic. Obviously birds and I both enjoy this breezy, fair 76 degree weather. And we both enjoy the loud company of others, but soon we’re all too happy to power down a little. We’ll retreat and work on ourselves – preening, making sure we have what we need and if not, off to seek whatever it is.


Yup, Happy Friday morning everyone.

And what’s my backyard without a frog popping up?



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