A Photo A Day – Haircut

I got my hair cut today.

I must have looked through three of these Japanese style magazines and they were all pretty much the same haircuts. And, yes, I’m sure I wasn’t looking through the same copies.

Getting a haircut at a Chinese salon is unlike any other haircut. The main difference is that there is absolutely no or very little consideration for you as a client. You get your scalp scratched through and through during your wash. And when they’re cutting your hair and they need you to move a little to the right/elft,  you get poked the shit out of your head. No lie.

The worst is that they project their own tastes into your haircut in the worst ways. You’ll find that so many of these Asian guy hair stylists hate to see a female with short, short hair. So they’ll never really give you the short haircut you really want. And they’ll give you their opinion on your hair regardless of if you wanted it or not. So if they think you have horrible hair, believe me, you will hear about it.

So remember, when you get your hair cut by an Asian stylist, you will get the shit poked out of your head.


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