A Photo A Day – July 7 – Polk Museum of Art


We visited the Polk Museum of Art today! I have to say that the museum wasn’t the best museum I’ve been to but I always relish going to a museum. It’s nice to be surrounded by creativity.

We visited on a day with the opening of a new exhibit: Invisible Elephant. It features the work of Theo Wujcik and Kirk Ke Wang inspired by the fable about the blind men and an elephant.I don’t know what it is but I’m not really big on modern art. It’s somysterious and almost impossible for me to understandable.


Photo from Polk Museum of Art website

The other exhibits included historical pieces from South America, a sculpture garden and this great exhibit featuring photos of families and their food around the world. It kind of blew me away.


You have the Madsen family from Greenland that hunts all of their own meat whereas some countries have such a lacking lifestyle (at least compared to my American lifestyle). And yet they can see value in simple things like their religious art or an ox. They live a simple but incredibly valuable life.

My conclusion about PMoA is that it’s a nice short trip that will be great for young kids but for the older kids, not so much. Also, admission is free on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. I’m sort of glad I didn’t have to pay although the admission is pretty low. If you’re in town, check it out on a Saturday morning!


2 thoughts on “A Photo A Day – July 7 – Polk Museum of Art

  1. I’m pretty sure the modern art had descriptions listed beside each of them to explain what the art’s meaning was.

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