A Photo A Day – Pet store


I went on a little trip to a pet store today with my brother. Check up on some animals, ya’ know. There were a lot of mice … a lot. As my sister jokingly puts it, “They need something to feed the snakes.” What do people do with mice? Are they interesting creatures as pets?


A big rat! Ah!


It’s funny how size can make all the difference in our perception of attractiveness. Still, why is this big ol’ lug so big?!










Gerbils. These ladies were pretty active. Usually I see them huddling in their little huts or burrowed under the bedding.


Snakes. I’m not sure why there were snakes in the water …

And budgies! Birds! My fave! Look at this guy gorging on millet!


Going to the pet store and seeing these animals in enclosures and then looking at animals outside in the wild, I realize that there is so much to learn from these critters. There’s also so much to learn about these creatures.

We’ve only barely grasped onto understanding ourselves, these animals, this planet, the universe. It gives me sincere respect to scientists that are chipping away to center for the facts. If it were up to me, I’d stand there for about along time just wondering where I should start. I guess that’s where there are so many fields in science, right? It’d be a mess if they all started working on everything as a whole. Silliness, really.


All I have to say is this: time to get back to learning!



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