The Beauty of Tumblr

I can see why people love Tumblr.

People create these Tumblrs based on their interests and passions, but not just interests – super-specialized interests.

Take a look at this Tumblr:

Tumblr - BookLover

Did you ever imagine that your love of books could manifest like this? It’s wonderful, it honestly is. This blog is great (and just ONE example!) because it takes everything you love about books and breaks it down into a singular detail. That book spine? The book creaking open? That wonderfully written work of words?


The magnetizing cover that drew you in?


And, Tumblr makes it so easy for you to post what you love. It’s broken down into simple categories – photo? Sure, no need to write too much because a picture is worth a thousand words. Text? Sure, write whatever pleases your heart. Quote? Even better.

All I can say is, enjoy, people. Enjoy your freedom. Enjoy your ability to post and say as you please.


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