Sibling love

Since I came back home from college, I have been getting increasingly proud of my siblings. I am the oldest kid and in addition to me there is a sister about to go to high school and a brother in middle school. I was so proud at my sister’s graduation and so even proud after I took my siblings to the local library.

Today, I was proud because my brother and sister are both enthusiastic about books. The thing that makes me even prouder is that they aren’t only interested in fictional books. Today’s visit to the library was the first in awhile and we spent about two hours looking for books. After we all found our fictional books of choice, we just naturallly ventured over to the how-to books and nonfiction section. In the end, my sister ended up with a cookbook, a humorous book of things to do before dying, and her fictional books, of course. My brother was more lurcrative this time; he left with how-to books on sketching and drawing, books with trivia and cool facts, and his usual sci-fi/fantasy assortment of books.

I’m sure that there are other kids with just as much enthusiasm for books but these two kids are my brother and sister. I am proud to see that they have a wide interest in just about everything! We all have always had a love for books. We were encouraged to read and we were always taken to the library. It certainly was much easier to cherish than math. =P

And, I am also so glad they are delving into music as well. My sister has played the oboe for about two years and my brother recently just started playing the alto saxophone. Although, my sister is going to switch to violin for high school.

Once again, just immensely proud. It’s a beaaaautiful foundation. They still are the regular run-of-the-mill annoying though, haha!


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